Background of Evil Queen[edit | edit source]

During the Qing dynasty, the Empress Dowager Cixi utilized her cruelness to increase her Power each day and finally became unrivaled in the palace. Her wicked wish to take over the country is about to come true! We urgently need your help, my Lord!

Event Details[edit | edit source]

Players whose official rank reaches 7th-Secondary could participate the event in Mansion. Except for the Empress Dowager Cixi, there are different kinds of enemies: Head Eunuch, Imperial Guard, Imperial Inquisitor, Senior Eunuch, Eunuch and Palace Maid. And they are all ruled by Cixi.

During the event, players could explore the enemies to fight. Of course we have chances to choose fight against them or not. And killing rewards can be checked in Rewards interface as follows:

Rewards[edit | edit source]

For example, player who killed Cixi could get the Basic Reward as 3K Event Credits and 3K Points, as well as the Extra Rewards randomly.

Killing or causing damage could both gain Event Credits and Event Points. Same to other Bonus Events, Ranking of Player and Alliance is according to the Event Points and Event Credits could used to redeem items in Redeem interface.

Players could also explore some chests to get rewards. There are 3 kinds of chests: Bronze Chest, Silver Chest and Gold Chest. To get the rewards, players should open them with Bronze Key, Silver Key and Gold Key.

Explore Rules:[edit | edit source]

  1. Each explore consumes one explore count;
  2. Explore count accumulates from 6:00 am (UTC-8) each day during the event. And higher official rank leads to less time needed to increase the count;
  3. Explore count will be cleared on 0:00 each day; (UTC-8)
  4. Explore count could be bought by consuming Gold.

Battle Rules:[edit | edit source]

  1. Each retainer could be dispatched once a day. And a Token of Battle can be consumed to increase a retainer’s extra chance once a day.
  2. A Sign of Enhancement could be bought to increase all retainers’ ATK in all Dungeon by 5% during the day. The purchase limit is 20. (ATK effect and the purchase limit will be reset on 0:00)(UTC-8)

Shared Enemy of Alliance[edit | edit source]

Evil Queen Event is an important Alliance event. Members from an Alliance should unite to get better rewards.

  1. Enemies or chests explored by your allies will be shown in “Shared Enemy” in event interface.You can fight the enemies together or open the chests found by others.
  2. The upper limit of Shared Enemies is 100.
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