There are two periods for the Horse Racing Event: Registration period and Competition period.

Players can team up on their own during the Registration period (the first day of the event). After the Registration time is over, all members of the team will participate by default.

  • Rules for team up:

Players are free to team up on the first day of the event. During the Competition period, players can still create, query, join the team but can’t quit, dismiss the team or kick the members.

  • Rules for Competition:
  1.  The higher official rank of the player, the higher initial speed. (The initial speed for S.9th is 2m/s)
  2. Each player has three chances per day, 60 seconds each time and 60 minutes cool-down time.
  3.  Players can purchase items to accelerate in the game before the game starts.
  4.  There will be obstacles randomly appearing on the road during the game. Players should slide up the screen to control the horses to jump and avoid. Each time the avoidance fails, the score will be deducted by 100 meters.
  5. The competition will be ranked by the total score of the team.
  • Tips: There is a trial when you play at the first time, make use of it to learn the play!
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