Overview[edit | edit source]

Retainers are your loyal aide and source of most of your power in earlier game. By keep playing the player will receive more and more retainer in game.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

Retainers are obtained by five general methods:

  1. as a reward from completing the main quest;
  2. as a reward when promoting to next official rank;
  3. as a reward from event;
  4. redeem by using tokens acquired from event;
  5. purchase bonus/ Vip.

Attribute[edit | edit source]

For each retainer there are four attributes.

Strength - determine the damage for the retainer in Campaign, Dungeon, Challenge, Evil Queen etc.

Intelligence - determine the money gain from business management.

Politics - determine the food gain from agriculture management.

Charisma - determine the troop gain from recruitment each time.

Aptitude & Speciality[edit | edit source]

Each Retainer possessses Aptitude books of four Attributes, the special disparity on different Aptitiudes make Retainers' capability differs from each other. Higher Aptitude means the Retainer can gain more Attribute value when levels up.

Meanwhile there's grade disparity for each book. Aptitude books with higher grade have more difficulty for level-up (e.g. lower success rate for scroll item) as they bring more Attribute in return. The Aptitude given for level-up is the same as the stars number of the book.

Institute System[edit | edit source]

Institute is the place where retainers study.

Players can dispatch their Retainers to study in Institute for 3 hours and acquire Book EXP +10, Skill EXP +100 ( there's a chance for triple EXP miracle when press "Completed" ); Five seats unlock the function "Complete All" button, maximum seats for the Institute is 10.

Tribunal System[edit | edit source]

Players can dispatch retainers to fight with other players’s retainers in Tribunal System. But only the Retainers whose level are ≥ 60 have the chances to fight in Tribunal.

  1. There are 4 free counts to fight within one day, cool-down time of one fight is 60 minutes. After the 4 free chances are used up, players can use Token of Dispatch, Letter of Challenge, or Token of Hunt to gain extra chances to Tribunal (daily limit: the number of Retainers ≥ level 60 ÷ 5);
  2. Players will be marked as Enemy in opponent's enemy list after more than 4 of opponent's Retainers are defeated;
  3. The Attack of a Retainer is his total Aptitude while HP is his total Attributes;
  4. The hunted party suffers double points deduction;
  5. Battle Information Listed: defeated no less than 20 Retainers of one opponent. Being continuous listed over 5 times will be on top as Extra.

One Retainer can be dispatched TWICE a day (include Hunt, Revenge and Challenge).

Exile[edit | edit source]

Unlock Requirement: Retainer amount reaches 30

Exiling a retainer makes it so the retainer that are exiled does not consume items or Gold. For each slot in exile you get more chances from random retainer books. There is one slot for you when you unlock it and more slots can be increased with Gold. The maximum is 15 slots.

The Exile Time for each retainer is 100 days and recalling a retainer in advanced should cost (remaining exiled days x 100) Gold. You can recall the retainer for free when the exiled time is due.

What should we pay attention to if we exile a retainer?

  1. Exiled Retainer cannot be dispatched in the Tribunal, Dungeon, Campaign, Alliance, Cabinet and Institute;
  2. Items are not applicable for the exiled Retainer;
  3. The Power of the exiled Retainer is still valid;
  4. The exiled retainer will not be attacked in the Tribunal
Exile Room Consume Gold Exile Room Consume Gold
Exile Room No 1 free Exile Room No 8 5000 Gold
Exile Room No 2 300 Gold Exile Room No 9 6000 Gold
Exile Room No 3 600 Gold Exile Room No 10 7000 Gold
Exile Room No 4 1000 Gold Exile Room No 11 8000 Gold
Exile Room No 5 2000 Gold Exile Room No 12 9000 Gold
Exile Room No 6 3000 Gold Exile Room No 13 10000 Gold
Exile Room No 7 4000 Gold Exile Room No 14 10000 Gold

Confidants Table[edit | edit source]

Retainer obtain Specialty Confidant obtain
Hua An default Balanced Xue Lingyun visiting
Xiao Jian default Strength Li Linger visiting
Marco Polo default Intelligence Kököchin visiting
Liu Yong default Politics Su Xiaoxiao visiting
Zheng Xie default Charisma Xin Ning visiting
William Wallace P.9 rank Strength Isabella visiting
Fan Wencheng S.8 rank Intelligence Xu Yingying visiting
Li Wei P.8 rank Politics Hu Qingyang visiting
Leonardo da Vinci S.7 rank Charisma Lisa del Giocondo visiting
Hong Chengchou quest 15 Strength, Intelligence Chen Yuanyuan visiting
Roland quest 26 Strength, Politics Angelica visiting
Lin Zexu quest 73 Strength, Charisma Liu Rushi visiting
Suo Ni quest 39 Intelligence, Politics Dong Xiaowan visiting
Nalan Mingzhu quest 51 Intelligence, Charisma Shuang Er visiting
Zhou Peigong quest 62 Politics, Charisma Xue Baochai visiting
Francis Bacon 7 Day Bonus Day 2 Intelligence, Politics Jane Austen 7 Day Bonus Day 7
Gan Jiang quest 86 Strength Hwang Jini 50,000 power
Zhang Heng quest 97 Intelligence Zhu Yingtai 200,000 power
Ouyang Xiu quest 110 Politics Hua Jianxiu 500,000 power
Su Shi campaign Charisma Wu Meiniang 1,000,000 power
Gao Jianli P.7 rank Strength Zhao Feiyan visiting
Dongfang Shuo S.6 rank Intelligence Zhao Hede visiting
Su Qin P.6 rank Politics Zhuo Wenjun visiting
Li Bai S.5 rank Charisma Cai Wenji visiting
Li Guang P.5 rank Strength Wei Zifu visiting
Hu Xueyan S.4 rank Intelligence Li Qingzhao visiting
Zhang Tingyu P.4 rank Politics Hong Fu Nü visiting
Wang Xizhi S.3 rank Charisma Chi Xuan visiting
Jing Ke P.3 rank Strength n/a n/a
Sima Qian S.2 rank Intelligence n/a n/a
Wang Anshi P.2 rank Politics n/a n/a
Chen Jennan P.2 rank Strength n/a n/a
Cao Xueqin Charisma n/a n/a
Du Fu S.1 rank Charisma n/a n/a
Sun Wu P.1 rank ??? n/a n/a
Hannibal Barca VIP 1 Strength, Charisma Diao Chan VIP 4
Tokugawa Ieyasu VIP 3 Balanced Xi Shi VIP 2
Wei Qing VIP 5 Strength, Intelligence Yang Yuhuan VIP 8
Huo Qubing VIP 7 Strength, Charisma Wang Zhaojun VIP 6
Napoleon VIP 9 Strength Josphine VIP 9
Liu Bang VIP 10 Strength, Charisma Lu Zhi VIP 10
Sima Yi VIP 11 Intelligence Zhang Chunhua VIP 11
Temujin VIP 12 Strength, Politics Borte VIP 12
Ying Zheng VIP 13 Strength Lady of Epang VIP 13
Mozi VIP 14 Strength Mao Qiang VIP 14
Laozi VIP 15 Intelligence, Charisma Xi Si VIP 15
Kongzi VIP 16 Balanced Lady Xu Mu VIP 16
Hua Mulan exchange Strength n/a n/a
Mu Guiying exchange Strength n/a n/a
Qin Liangyu exchange Strength n/a n/a
Fan Lihua exchange Strength n/a n/a
Liang Hongyu exchange Strength n/a n/a
Qin Hui exchange Strength, Politics n/a n/a
Zhao Gao exchange Strength, Politics n/a n/a
Li Lianying exchange Strength, Politics n/a n/a
Wei Zhongxian exchange Strength, Politics n/a n/a
Song Jiang exchange Strength, Charisma n/a n/a
Wu Yong exchange Strength, Charisma n/a n/a
Lin Chong exchange Strength, Charisma n/a n/a
Lu Junyi exchange Strength, Charisma n/a n/a
Gongsun Sheng exchange Strength, Charisma n/a n/a
Guan Yu exchange Strength, Intelligence n/a n/a
Zhang Fei exchange Strength, Intelligence n/a n/a
Ma Chao exchange Strength, Intelligence n/a n/a
Huang Zhong exchange Strength, Intelligence n/a n/a
Zhao Yun exchange Strength, Intelligence n/a n/a
Galdan event Strength n/a n/a
General Fa Qiu event Strength n/a n/a
Liu Bei event Strength, Charisma Sun Shangxiang event
Hattori Hanzo event unknown n/a event
Mark Anthony event unknown Cleopatra event
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